Web Hosting

Something For Everyone.

Hosting packages can be tailor made to suite your requirements, here are our 4 most popular packages:

Package Basic Linux Microsoft
Monthly Hosting Cost N/A R89 R149
Annual Hosting Cost R384 R979 R1639
Domain Registration/Transfer Cost R200* R200 R200
Annual Domain Fees Billed with hosting

Hosting Package Details

Includes Basic Linux Microsoft
Domains 1 1 1
Sub Domains Nil 20 20
Email Addresses 10 100 100
Disk Space 1GB 10GB 10GB
Bandwidth Unlimited**
Scripts PHP 5, Perl, Python Font Page ASP, CGI-bi,
PHP5, Perl, Python
Font Page ASP, CGI-bi,
PHP5, Perl, Python,
Database Nil 1x MYSQL5 or 1x MSSQL 2005 1x MYSQL5 or 1x MSSQL 2008
Anti Virus & Spam Filtering Webmail & IMAP


There are 2 consideration for this question:

1. Where will most of the people be accessing my site from? = speed (not that anyone will notice)

2. Will my site be so busy that bandwidth will become an issue? = cost

za.bz Hosting

This a unique package for people who already have websites and want ot secure their brand in the za.bz domain space. Basically it offer an optional forwarding to your current website, but you can use e-mail address accociated with you za.bz website name. You cannot host a website with this package.

Basic Hosting

This is if you want to have a precence on the web with no "bells and whistles". You website must only be made of html or php pages. Note, there is no database with this package.

Personal Hosting

This package is tailor made for Blogs and other php driven sites like Wordpress, Joomla, B2Evolution etc.

Standard Hosting

This is hosted on a windows platform with all your page services available. Almost all websites will be able to use this package. When we design a website for yo it is hosted on this platform as we use Microsoft ASP.NET technology when designing websites.

Yes daily backups are done, but it's best not to rely solely on this, keeping your own backs is always best.

Extreamly little, the company looking after our servers offers "99.9% Uptime Guarantee" but servers are computers and as we know, things do go wrong! Another factor that can cause a problem is if something goes wrong with the cables between the server and browsers computer, this is completely out of our hands.

Yes, the hosting control panel gives you full access to black list e-mail address you do not want to recieve mail from, you can also white list addresses to ensure you recieve important mail. You can also custom set your span filter settings.

Yes, with our webmail facility you can store your address book online and continue as normal. Just ensure you have not left your computer on that downloads your email!