Web Design

It's your website, not ours.

How we operate

When we design a website we work closely with you to give you exactly what you want. We are very aware that people have very tight budgets, so websites can be developed in stages. We recommend starting off with a basic design of 4 pages and then expanding as your cash flow allows.

Everyone wants their website to be on the top page of Google. While it is not possible to guarantee this, we do various SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) coding to your site. To better your chances of being a top search result you can take on the services of our freelance expert who uses Google Adwords among other tactics to acheive results.

Creating your site allows us to:

It is always best for you to provide us with the text content for your site, as you know what your business needs best. We also require the artwork such as logos or images that you want to use to be sent to us. For assistance with professional photographs, see our photographic websitefor details.

The costs of the website may cary as to what you want to do. Here is a basic breakdown of our costs per page:

Page Cost
Home Page (Includes the stuff you do not see) R1000
Information page R350
Interactive Page (e.g. Contact Form) R500-R750
Displaying/Uploading Data From Database R750
Setting up basic database R1000

Each website will be assessed to give an accurate quote before work on the site begins.