It all starts with a good name.

Local, specific, unique. Here is a list of domain extensions we offer as well as the international ones you know so well

Local Domains Meaning Registration Cost South African Business R99 (With Free Hosting) South African Business R99 South African Company R499
International Domains Meaning Registration Cost
.com Company R199
.org Organisation R199
.net Network R99
.biz Business R149
Private Domains Meaning Registration Cost Cape Business R99 Johannesburg Business R99 Durban Business R99 Kaw-Zulu Natal Business R99
Contact us directly for a private domain
Domain renewal fees are included in the hosting costs except for the website hosting deal.

If the domain extension is not here that you want to use, send us an email with the details.

Costs for other domain extensions will vary

E. & O.E.


Yes. Choose the name that best describes your business or locates it.

While it is not hot off the press at this point it is the most uniquely distinguishing domain for South Africa which is largely untapped with most website names up for use.

You pay a registration fee, while the annual renewal charge is included in the hosting costs, except if you are using our free website hosting deal with

We register domain names in the name of the owner and list ourselves as the admin and tech contacts. It's in your name while we handle the technical side.>